The Susan Woodin Chapter, NSDAR, is proud to share a list of our American Revolutionary War Patriots. Each member of our chapter has proven their lineage to one or more of the Patriots on this list.

Ebenezer De Forest – Private

Ezra Chaffee – Captain

David Catlin – Corporal/Patriotic Service  

Jonathan Wright – Ensign             

Stephen Blackmore – Patriotic Service

Joel Phelps – Patriotic Service

Abraham Bradley – Captain

Joseph Hurlburt – Civil Service/Patriotic Service

Jabez Fox – Patriotic Service

Oliver Cone – Private

Stephen Treat – Private

Zebulon Kirtland – Private

James Lawrence – Private

Jacob Broome – Soldier/Patriot Service

Hugh Reese – Soldier

Caleb Wright, Sr. – Captain/Patriotic Service             

Benjamin Medbury – Private

Caleb Moulton – Captain

Nathan Hayward – Civil Service/Patriotic Service

Benjamin Kingsbury, Jr. – Private

Elisha Prouty – Private

Caleb Moulton – Captain

Philip Case – Private

John Stillman – Private/Patriotic Service

Caleb Wright, Sr. – Captain/Patriotic Service

Samuel Bradford – Private

Matthias Young – Private

Benjamin Bassford – Patriotic Service

Benjamin Ward – Patriotic Service

William Armfield – Patriotic Service

Jacob Brown – Private

Roderick Craig – Soldier

John Dean – Private

Caleb Blackwelder – Patriotic Service

Francis Delamar – Private

Robert King – Civil Service/Patriotic Service

John Duncan – Sergeant

Eleazar  Wheelock – Civil Service/Patriotic Service   

Samuel Longfellow – Private

Ebenezer Tolman – Non-commissioned officer

Andrew Glidden – Private/Patriotic Service

John Duncan – Sergeant

David Adams – Private   

Eleazer Lindsey – Lieutenant Colonel

William Dusenbury – Sergeant/Patriotic Service

Henry Breese – Private/Patriotic Service

Robert Wright – Private

Daniel Rosenkrans – Captain

Malaechia Seeger – Private

William Woodworth – Captain

Caleb Wright, Jr. – Sergeant

Robert Fleming – Patriotic Service               

Thomas Espy – Private

Frederick Dague – Private

Christiana Bright Pechin – Patriotic Service

Michael Bright, Sr. – Patriotic Service

Christopher Pechin – Patriotic Service

Caleb Perry – Lieutenant Colonel

Jacob King – Patriotic Service

John Casper – Private    

George Adam Laubach – Private

Peter Sones – Private

Jacob Tomb – Private

Nathan Medbury – Soldier

Isaac Wagner – Private

Thomas Mays – Private

Robert Dunlap – Soldier

James Wilkerson – Private

Samuel Van Hook – Sergeant

David Cox – Lieutenant/Patriotic Service

George Reeves – Lieutenant/Patriotic Service

John Thompson – Private

Abraham Fulkerson – Private/Civil Service

Joel Buffington – Patriotic Service

John Rennick – Patriotic Service   

John Price – Patriotic Service

Aaron Smith – Private

William Alford – Patriotic Service